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Danko Priimak
New Submarine Design

  Regular submarine when moving, incessantly slides
apart (flares) water by its
  This leads in the first place,
to unproductive energy
losses (energy is consumed
partially on generation of
powerful infrasonic waves,
easily travelling in water at
long distances). Secondly,
these infrasonic waves give
the enemy the possibility to
detect the submarine, while
it is moving, even if it is
supplied with noiseless
propellers (screws).

Cone-shaped wave takes away motion energy from submarine Seawolf SSN-21 is the successor to the Los Angeles class nuclear powered attack submarines. These ultra quiet have the all important mission of detection and tracking of SSBN submarines carrying Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs)

  The author's engineering solution - completely new design, not sliding apart (flaring) water while moving, and hence, not generating infrasonic radiation. The advantageous consequences of it: secrecy of movement (undetectability) and energy saving.

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